Luxury Wool Cushions & Throws

Made in the UK with the finest quality wool

Wool cushions and throws are the perfect way to snuggle up and get cosy on your chair, sofa or bed, while also improving the style of your room. Browse through our range of luxuriously soft wool blanket throws and lambswool cushions made with Pure New Wool and Merino Lambswool.

The Campaign for Wool

In 2010 HRH The Prince of Wales initiated The Campaign for Wool. Supported by sheep farmers, woollen mills, manufacturers and retailers of fashion and home furnishings, the campaign aims to promote the incredible benefits wool has to offer.

Wool is a natural, strong, long-lasting material. It also benefits from having hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, child-friendly, breathable and flame retardant qualities. Making it the perfect choice for beautiful, soft and cosy wool blankets and cushions.
The campaign for wool The campaign for wool