The benefits of wool

People have been using wool since medieval times. And today, because of its many beneficial qualities, wool is recognised as one of the best natural materials to be used around the home. Wool is often used to produce high quality items. From sturdy carpets and rugs to luxuriously soft blankets and cushions.

Does wool clean itself?

Wool has natural antibacterial properties. It prevents the build up of bacteria that can cause odours. This means wool will stay much fresher for longer than many other materials used around the home.

Is wool fire resistant?

Wool is naturally flame resistant. Many of the unnatural textile materials available today are highly flammable. They are required by law to have fire retardant chemicals added. Choosing wool for your home furnishings can help make your home a healthier and safer place to live.

Does wool help you sleep better?

Wool has natural insulating properties and breathability. The fibres in a wool blanket will keep a pocket of air close to your body while allowing moisture to evaporate. This will help regulate your body temperature throughout the seasons. Keeping you warm during winter nights and allowing your skin to breathe and stay cool on hot summer nights.

Adding a wool blanket to your bed is the perfect way to give you a better night's sleep. Studies have shown that sleeping with wool can lower your heart rate. Giving you a more peaceful and relaxing, deep sleep.

How is wool environmentally friendly?

Many fabrics manufactured today are made from synthetic materials - plastics. These materials can lead to landfill and pollution.

Wool is a completely natural material and is 100% biodegradable. Wool is also a renewable resource that is widely recycled to produce new sustainable materials.

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